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Larry's Produce Featured in the New York Times

A Hidden Gem

Billed as 'A Laid Back Napa Neighbor', none other than the New York Times chose Larry's Produce and several other Suisun Valley businesses to feature in one of its 2013 online Travel Section articles. The full slideshow can be accessed by clicking on the link here.

Make no mistake, Suisun Valley is on the rise as a day-trip location that is rapidly being discovered by Bay Area travelers in record numbers. It is centrally located to San Francisco, Napa, Walnut Creek and Sacramento, it's the home of 13 wineries, 3 olive oil producers, and numerous farmstands.

Through the years the region has been able to maintain a rustic charm that reminds people of days gone by, days that were more relaxed, when visitors met and talked with winery owners and winemakers, fruit growers and farmers. It's still that way in our small valley.

There are many unique wineries for you to discover, and a wide range of fruits and vegetable stands. Suisun Valley has many great art treasures to find; some are in shops, while others are literally "in the field." You'll find many delicious specialty food items, from dried fruits and nuts, to olive oils, that were grown and pressed right here. Come visit Suisun Valley for a day, a weekend, or a week of travel.

Set aside some time to fully capture the essence of Suisun Valley.

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