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During the months when our stand is open there's a bountiful array of fruits and vegetables available to select and savour. Alas, when December rolls around and the Christmas trees appear it reminds us that we're about to face the next six months without fresh produce.

Not to worry - we discovered long ago that you can save money and eat healthier by canning or freezing your own fruits and vegetables...not to mention the additional benefit of having great taste grace your palate (and table) with no additives or chemicals!

It's also tough to beat the convenience of having an array of frozen vegetables and preserves at your disposal. Having your own stockpile lets you make most recipes any time of the year. Your hand-canned or frozen produce saves you time and money: They’re already chopped and ready to eat, and since you use only what you need, there’s no wasted food.

In addition, with studies worldwide warning the hazards of PBAs and Phthalates in the plastic packaging in everything from baby and water bottles to children's toys, insect repellents and garden hoses, many people are beginning to rethink food packaging. In some European countries, the products containing these chemicals have been banned and only glass containers which can be refilled and recycled are used. Now, if the rest of the world would follow suit, we would be in business! The packaging for the storage of your harvest will be controlled by you. Since most of the equipment and materials used to package and store your food products are reusable and renewable, you will produce less waste headed for the land fill or the recycle center.

To point you in the right direction, we've provided two excellent links ('Pick Your Own' and 'Preserving Your Harvest' ) that provide a wealth of information on virtually everything you'll need to know to make the spoils of your trips to Larry's last much, much longer.

From picking tips to finding the proper equipment for your project - it's all there! They even provide label templates to make it easier to identify the 'fruits of your labor' (no pun intended).

So enjoy your summer trips to our stand but remember, fall and winter are just around the corner. Planning ahead will allow you to enjoy Larry's Produce all year long!

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